Solitude Farm


Solitude is a sustainable Farming community aiming at integrating food, permaculture/ natural farming and education within the vision of a creative lifestyle.

Over the years solitude has become an example of natural farming in India demonstrating the ideas of masanobu fukuoka, author of the One Straw Revolution.

Non-tillage techniques, mulching, intercropping and green manures, food processing, cooking, natural building, discussion, silence, art, music, poetry, film and swimming are components that make up our very unique experiential permaculture/sustainability workshops.

We are in the process of developing an educational syllabus  that aims at running workshops for a wide diversity of groups from village womens groups, schools, farmers and people who are exploring a new lifestyle.

Over the years a commited team has formed in solitude and we have an inspiring group of individuals with various skills developing the farm in these three areas; food, education, permaculture within the context of community.

Solitude Farm Gallery